Laser capsulotomy

After cataract surgery the membrane which supports the lens implant (the posterior capsule) can gradually become cloudy. This is known as posterior capsule opacification and can cause a gradual reduction in quality of vision. This is significant in around 5-10% of patients after cataract surgery, usually several years after the surgery and can be treated effectively and quickly with laser (YAG laser capsulotomy).


The laser creates a small opening in the posterior capsule so that the line of sight becomes clear again and quality of vision is restored. The treatment only takes a few minutes, after which patients often notice some temporary floaters. Once the floaters resolve, vision is usually clear again.


This treatment carries very low risk and usually only a single treatment is ever needed.

Lens implant in place after cataract surgery

Clouding of posterior capsule (grey area)

Laser creating opening in posterior capsule

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