Toric lens implant

Most peoples' eyes have a certain amount of astigmatism - that is, the focussing power for vertical lines is different to that for horizontal lines. This is often described as the eye being shaped more like a rugby ball than a football. A small amount of astigmatism can be helpful in terms of range of vision, but larger amounts can interfere with good quality vision.


When a toric lens implant is used to correct astigmatism the resulting quality of vision can be a great improvement and if spectacles are still required after cataract surgery the presciption is much less complex.


If the standard measurements of your eye which are taken in preparation for cataract surgery suggest that your eye has a lot of astigmatism I may suggest further assessment with corneal topography. This is a scan of the shape of the surface of the eye (a bit like a contour map of a hill) and will guide whether to choose a toric lens and how best to align it inside the eye.

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