A cataract is a clouding of the eye's natural lens. This is often related to ageing but can develop for a variety of other reasons. As the cataract becomes more dense it can interfere with vision and prevent people from doing the things they like to do. Common symptoms include blurring and dazzle or glare with bright lights. Click here to see simulations of how vision can be affected by cataracts (currently desktop only).


If this happens it is possible to remove the cataract during a short operation and replace it with a plastic lens implant.


Cataract surgery is the most commonly undertaken surgical procedure in the UK and can benefit people of all ages who have eyesight problems because of cataract.


In skilled hands complications are rare and recovery is usually quick.

Effects of cataracts

Blurred vision

Difficulty seeing detail such as when reading a newspaper or text on the television



Dim vision

Colours seem dim and washed out. Brighter light is needed for reading.




Bright lights are dazzling and may make driving difficult at night or when the sun is low.



After cataract surgery

Sharper images

Vision is clearer and detail is restored



Brighter vision

Colours are brighter and contrast is improved. Reading is more comfortable.



No glare

Night driving is more comfortable and sunshine is less troublesome.



Lens implants


A range of lens implants are available and I will be happy to discuss these in more detail at your consultation.

A number of factor will be taken into consideration, particularly your visual requirements and expectations as well as technical aspects regarding your specific eye measurements and any other eye conditions.


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